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Coal Valley Vets Memorial
  Coal Valley Veteran's Memorial

Honoring Our Heros

Coal Valley Veteran's Memorial

We Are a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization
Approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a Tax-Exempt,
Charitable Organization
Join us in our up-coming fund raising event for the
Coal Valley Veteran's Memorial:

Ten games of Bingo for the chance to win authentic handbags from Coach, Michael Kors, or Kate Spade.
The Rock Party Facility 302 1st Street Coal Valley, IL
Doors Open at Noon & Bingo will start promptly at 1:00pm
Questions, Call or Text: Susie Walters 309.781.7228 or Lisa O'Neil 309.738.2800
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Coal Valley Vets Fundraiser


Park Vision
Park Vision
Park Vision

Purpose for the construction of the Coal Valley Memorial Park

Veterans consider it an honor and a privilege to have served in our nation's military. It in turn becomes our duty as citizens of this great nation to honor the men and woman who chose to give all by serving their country in one of our nation's military branches by building a monument in recognition of their service.

Honor also alludes to fulfilling an obligation to this country, since our veterans fulfilled and continue to fulfill their obligation the proposed memorial will serve to satisfy our commitment to them. Although only partially as we owe our military veterans all that our community can provide them.

Stating that Veterans deserve acclaim for their achievements is one of the greatest understatements of our time. The very existence of this country as a free nation has depended on our military and the brave men and woman who have served and are currently serving. With this monument we hope to symbolize our community's deep appreciation to all who have served.

Our memorial will provide a place of solitude for our veterans and their families, It will be a place of thought, consideration, and reflection and provide the community with a permanent way to honor the memory of our heroes.

To Be Remembered
How we remember is important. How we memorialize our veterans is important. Our memorial will provide a permanent and positive place to enshrine in our memories the lives of our veterans. Those memories are important and essential to continue as a free nation and the memorial will endure the test of time ensuring that our veterans will never be forgotten.

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Coal Valley Veteran's Memorial
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Coal Valley Veteran's Memorial